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from readers.

The human warmth of these letters, published with their authors' kind permission, justifies many efforts.
Don't miss out to visit my blog to read other real-life situations.

Your words are so simple and right to the point! No babbling about experts here and experts there, just the sincere and very caring "pointing out" of the most important things in a life as a couple besides love, i.e. respect, tenderness, communication.
You really touched my heart.
Inga-Britt Molin (Kramfors, Sweden)

testimonials on couple problems,couple problems,relationship problems,marriage problems,relationship counseling

I wanted to let you know that I started ploughing my way through your ebook today and am enjoying it very much.:-) It's all good solid stuff. Do you have an affiliate program?

Rev. David B. Smith [Dulwich Hill (Sydney) NSW 2203-Australia]

Only 5 days, that's the time I needed, when friends of ours told us about your method, to convince my wife of a last try instead of a separation. We went through genuine concerns regarding our "intimacy" and we've used your solutions. Joan my wife can't yet get over it because it's true we found again the "good moments of our first dates". Your readers may ask her if they don't trust me.
Brian K. Cheswick (Boise, ID, USA)

This excellent book unfortunately came too late for us. But I'll use your fantastic ideas to improve my own attitudes and avoid the same errors in my new couple. First of all, items about sharing, autonomy and fo course... communication.
Bernhard Vandergraf (Pretoria, South Africa)

I read your book in French with a dictionary and I understood nearly everything. We both did like the way you are presenting things. After a while, we changed too! Will you have an English translation? I would like to have this useful book read by friends of mine.
Jim Cook-Riley (Bornemouth, U.K.)
Author's answer: I'm glad to inform you that facing the French version's kind of reception was a good reason for me to write an International-English version too.

testimonials on couple problems,couple problems,relationship problems,marriage problems,relationship counseling

I'm amazed, I think your method saved my marriage!
You talk about love with a soft and bold frankness. It's described in a refined and poetical style which invites to dream; and with a touch of irresistible humor too. To speak of sensuous love is a genuine risk in a society which resists taboos' suppression; you did it in a courageous and keen way.

Marianne Joffrey (Paris, France)

When I wanted to buy your book my chum told me stop it, it's nonsense it's al-ways the same thing in those books, it's not with that we'll arrange our troubles. I didn't agree at all and didn't listen to him. And I'm glad. Moreover it was not expensive. To tell the truth both of us did our best him for sharing the housework me in the bedroom. Almost everyday I read some pages of your book, it's good to recall certain things and first of all, love.
Marie-Nicole Tremblay (Québec, Canada)

Thank you for your reply to my email. It was actually the first time I bought a book with 1. Human and correct ideas, sound and sane, 2. a kind of after-sales service and 3. commissions for "distributing" it. Several of my friends and relatives have bought it through me.
Keiko Horigote (Kobe, Japan)

Sir, Mrs. Horigote bought your collection of "100 sure ways". On her insistence, I went through it. It shocked me because in my country, Japan, these attitudes which you find normal are not: the wife obeys her husband. To respect the millennial Japanese tradition she has to serve him and subdue herself. Your "progressive" ideas have no place here. On the other hand you approach the subject of loving intercourse with sharpness but our culture does not miss imagination on this point either (admire the ancient Japanese prints).
Ichiro Horigote (Kobe, Japan)
Author's answer: they're indeed a magnificent, eternal source of inspiration.

Your "100 sure ways" are indeed just what I was looking for. It pleased me with its human, relaxed side. In fact, I first thought it was written by a woman (you finely observed their temperament). My companion and I find you're perfectly right in particular in the item on people who have suffered from psychological problems since childhood. He regrets nevertheless but understands that some subjects, being off the subject, cannot be treated. Giving your email address for possible questions is a good idea too. Will you reply to his mail?
Judith Schœnberger (Béziers, France)
Author's note: doing it was a pleasure!

testimonials on couple problems,couple problems,relationship problems,marriage problems,relationship counseling

I rarely give my opinion, however, here, it's too important; so I wish to testify. I wanted to quit my husband because we hadn't any dialogue anymore. [...] But soon, I thought it should be too sad. However something had to move on then, and we had both to become again in agreement. On the web, I found this e-book to download. (Rather handy for immediate reading!)

This was six days ago and we already feel a genuine improvement with each other. My husband can't get over it! He's quite chuffed to find me back, to find US again! We dialogue again, we're forming new projects, we're making love again, – it had become rare to share some cuddles; nevertheless, is there better communion for a couple?[...]
Is your happiness worth 27 € ? Then, buy this ebook!
I give the author the authorization to publish my email address with my testimony, so people who should be doubtful could contact me (Sorry, in French only). A lot of happiness to all your readers and a big thank-you, M. Greindl.
Laurence Marcq (Pas-de-Calais, France)

You certainly know how often the reputation of all kinds of shrinks is contested. When a friend wanted me to read yet another book to help me solving my couple's problems I was therefore reluctant. But I've an honest nature and had to recognize that your program is attractive an indeed useful. I particularly appreciated some suggestions, as you call them, that acted as a trigger for me. In fact I know that my character is not always an easy one but while reading you I realized that simple means can work and lead to true changes. It remains for us to want to change. Surprising and well thought out. Congratulations.
Marceline Vönner (La Chaux-de-Fond, Switzerland)

Your book strongly interested me and I found it clear, first because I understood everything. You write as you speak, not using specialist's words. And also, I felt sincerity in your approach and the experience of someone who have encountered these problems, either through others or / and directly. You did help us. Thank you.
Piet Verrycke (Delft, The Netherlands)

testimonials on couple problems,couple problems,relationship problems,marriage problems,relationship counseling

In my eyes, people who seek happiness in a relationship are condemned to communicate daily, with all the means their love and imagination could suggest to them. Your book without taboos but tactful is very pleasant to read. It reminds me the simple things that can make life as a couple so wonderful.

Dr. Osteópata Enrique Gutierrez Cascos(Sagunto, España)

Your e-book should be advised in all high-schools to the 16-18 teenagers: they're all so ignorant about how to manage a couple relationship on a daily basis without wearing out love.
Pablita Morales-Castillo (San Sebastian, Spain)

My experience after reading your "100 sure ways" is probably different from the one of your other readers: I was right away interested by your test 'Make a Portrait of your Partner'. But my fiancée didn't agree with the "marks" she received from me. We had a real quarrel... Following that I wanted to think a little more about the future of our relationhip. Time will tell if I have to thank you but I believe yes. First because you did me a service in opening my eyes, for I lacked objectivity. In any case your book is already profitable by the simple fact it reminds and proves people how talking together is easy and essential to feel closer.
Luis Miguel Pinto-Ferreira (Faro, Portugal)

testimonials on couple problems,couple problems,relationship problems,marriage problems,relationship counseling

Before reading your e-book, I thought like many other people probably, "one more book with 'miracle-recipes' about love but as always lacking any realism about couples' daily life." You know what I mean, they're often so disappointing. But this time, I was genuinely captivated by the simple and in the same time detailed approach you make of current life's several details, which often are the very keys of our happiness. I also appreciated the natural and benevolent way you express things. In my opinion, your book should be read by many

bachelors too: most of them are not at all realizing that a harmonious relationship needs to be build together!
Rosine Nishimwe (Rwanda)

I may say that this reading gave me a shock. Some items were like revelations. Others did make me say to my wife why didn't we think of that? Too many couples stay together because of financial aspects or by fearing solitude for example, especially in case of poor health. Your recommendations show how a better communication, among other things, would completely transform their lives.
Georg Bircher-Strauss (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Nice "cookbook" indeed, your recipes are well thought as well as simple to follow! Thank you so much to have opened our eyes. Little changes in our attitudes did already produce encouraging effects particularly on communication. We feel like you became a new friend.
Rachel Epstein (Cracow, Poland)

testimonials on couple problems,couple problems,relationship problems,marriage problems,relationship counseling

I felt so concerned by your book that I read it in one go. I found in it all the values to which I am attached. On every page you sustain the reader's interest by the variety and accuracy of the ideas.
I was sensitive too to the empathy felt through your words. You put your heart and soul into it!
Anne-Marie Clausse (Waver, Belgium)

You're right: seduction doesn't begin in the bedroom and marital crises are not necessarily settled there. That opened my eyes: an intimate agreement is important, but living as a couple is not only that. On the other hand, I find useful that you explain clearly and frankly how to awaken desire: my too rigorous education did not prepare me to talk about these things even less to read them, all that was connected to the physical side of life was shameful, one never spoke about. You do, being explicit and though tactful.
Juliette Jurain (Nancy, France)

After some weeks of testing, my husband and I can testify that your action plan on all front lines drives us on the good way. Your "directives" are logical and easy. Our improvement is marked, as our teenagers who didn't know anything about our good resolutions are noting a difference in the atmosphere at home without being able to find out its origin. I hope you'll publish your book in several languages, so many people would need it and benefit from it! Indeed why not get it? It's guaranteed anyway.
Marie and Filippo Afferiano (Treviso, Italy)

At first I didn't believe a lot in your book because I had already read so many magazines and books on marital crises. I said to myself one more! But you deal with the questions well and even if there are things we already knew we don't just think about them anymore and forget them. Thank you also for having given ideas to my husband it was a success. You over-deliver!
Monique Delange (Liège, Belgium)

My wife and I agreed to buy it first because we didn't run any risk! I printed a copy for each of us so we can resort to your solutions when we want it. We like to exchange our impressions about them. We have tried many ideas at first as a kind of a joke and after a while we found they're indeed effective. You are a fine observer and your hints and tips are surprisingly precious even for an old one like me.
Anselm Saguennay (New Orleans, LA, U.S.A.)

Nicely done! for the findings of your book. I read it with my husband. We tried to follow several of your opinions. We like them very much because they do work, especially at home in our daily activities. Meanwhile, 'by chance' my husband finds me more active when it comes to intimacy. Thank you also for your reply to our e-mail. You may publish our testimonial.
Amandine and René Vallée (Neuilly, France)

Thank you for having put together such a useful program. We recommend your e-book to all our friends and relatives because we've found your ideas really helpful. We enjoy reading them again and again and we know they will too: anyone who implements even a fraction of these 'attitudes-improving' techniques you reveal is assured of success in their relationship with their soul mate.
Audrey and Claude Hawkins (Brisbane, Australia)

testimonials on couple problems,couple problems,relationship problems,marriage problems,relationship counseling

Thank you for showing us how to make an exceptional relationship out of an average couple. To me, young unmarried woman, this reading was very constructive and interesting. "Preventing is better than curing": a fulfilled life as a couple has to be prepared long before marriage. I realized how small attentions in the daily life are important to fulfill a couple. You don't have to be a wizard, you just need to show some goodwill, to do yourself all the possible good, by any means, on any occasion. I also understood the importance of the Self, the You and the We; of the need to let each other breathe, as in a house in which

doors and windows have to be opened to air the rooms. To every couples I'd like to say: "Make a way of life from Love, learn to know your partner's love language and above all, lets communicate, communicate and communicate! Possessing a nice car, a lovely house is useless if you can't enjoy your life as a couple!" Thank you for all the couples who managed to find themselves back thanks to your book.
Darlene KANKIMA (Bujumbura, BURUNDI)

At last an e-book on another subject than how to earn more cash. Everybody obviously needs money but thanks for reminding us that happiness means many other things too: we too often limit ourselves to the material point of view for defining people's success, happiness or value. Besides, I found new angles and resources in every single item.
Frank J. McLaine (Tampa, FL, U.S.A)

I loved the way you insist on 'K,C,C,C'* (#58), as well as your tips on romance, because in our everyday concerns we're too much focused on time management and forget to keep a touch of romanticism. Though, people must realize that in the depth of their heart women stay sensitive to passion and romance.
Janice W. Farell (Tucson, AZ, U.S.A.)
* Kisses, cuddles, caresses, compliments

Magic your idea of the Seated Quarter: the immediate result is impressive. That very recipe alone is worth the price of the book - which is a must read for anyone serious about 'getting the spark back' in their relationship to avoid a separation.
Gert Becker (Stuttgart, Germany)

I didn't think of being such an emotional person... But some sentences of your ebook brought tears to my eyes because what you say is at the same time so true and simple, well observed and so often forgotten (among others by our men). About sexuality one could be afraid of too "bold" ideas but you approach these subjects with such natural that the most timorous girls ("coming into flowers" as said Proust) could not be shocked. My mate and I are grateful for your help which showed itself surprisingly useful.
Janet Laurie Stern (Isle of Man)

Don't miss out to visit my blog to read other real-life situations.

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relationship problems,couple problems, relationship problem,relationship advice,marriage problems
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