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Some words about the author

Ivan Greindl,I. Greindl, couple problems, relationship problems

It's usual on Web sites managed by real guys, to somewhat introduce the owner, in order to make a difference with certain coaching companies in connection with sects and recruiting for them – the reason of this small page.

We're living not far from Brussels (B), near the plain of Waterloo, famous since the victory of the Duke of Wellington over Napoleon Buonaparte.
My wife? a former college math teacher is now a painter ; I'm a retired dental surgeon. We have two children and three grandkids.
Our family is somewhat dispersed however, as our daughter, a Ph.D. anthropologist, lives on Easter Island with her husband, a local artist and their little girl, Hiva. She has opened a nice Belgian restaurant, called "Au Bout du Monde". (At the far end of the world)
Our son, a M.E. Economist, lives with his wife and their two children in Luxemburg.

After 35 years working as a dentist in my own dental health care center in Brussels, I retired to get involved in another captivating domain: the couple relationship. At the same period, it was also time for me to retire from the Army. (I served as reserve Lt.-Col. in the Medical Service.)
B.T.W., as my first language is French, you'll understand why my English asks some indulgence.

Since the beginning, through my daily contacts with my patients, assistant practitioners and co-workers, I became really interested in couple problems: everyday, I was hearing my patients (when they might speak) and other people around me talking about their relationship concerns – just seeking to be listened to.
You have to know indeed that, in order to provide a patient with efficient – and painless – dental treatment, you first need to establish a friendly and trustful relationship with them. At least, it's my personal opinion. Hence you want to listen to them and talk with them with just an open mind.

After several complementary trainings (and by implementing what I had learnt from my personal mistakes), I gradually realized that couple problems are nearly always of the same kinds and that I could help people to find solutions to overcome them.
On my retirement, several friends and acquaintances urged me to 'write something' about these good contacts I have been fortunate to have. And so, a bunch of suggestions was reunited in an eBook-program, « 100 Sure Ways to Help Your Couple »...*

Since then, thanks to the magic of the Internet, contacts did multiply world-wide**: thousands of readers soon made me the pleasure to grant me their confidence. A large number among them are even sending me hundreds of e-mails describing their own real-life situation, asking what I would do in their place. They're generally surprised by the simplicity and efficiency of the replies.
They probably don't realize that for retired people, feeling helpful is a genuine present!

P.S. Could any good grand-dad resist?
        As a wink, here are our three "treasures"!

Ivan Greindl,couple problems, relationship problems I. Greindl, couple problems, relationship problems

In French:  « 100 moyens sûrs d'aider votre couple ».
   In Spanish: « 100 modos seguros de ayudar a su pareja ».
** See here a statistics from (Dec. 14, 2011).

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Ivan Greindl,I. Greindl, couple problems, relationship problems

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Ivan Greindl,I. Greindl, couple problems, relationship problems

Ivan Greindl,I. Greindl, couple problems, relationship problems